Tocosh Andino: Natural Penicillin

It acts as a preservative in the body, is a naturally ntibi?tico. Commonly used millennial acts as antibacterial, healing of gastric ulcers and hemorrhoids, used to prevent gastrointestinal infections and acute mountain sickness.
•    Use millennial
•    Properties healing
•    Composition
•    Study of the effect of probiotic tocosh potato as Tico and weight control
•    Development of potato tocosh
•    Dosage It’s a product obtained from the fermented potato pulp, with the same process that activates a natural antibiotic (penicillin natural).Considered by the Incas as a gift from God.
tocosh is known as the preserver of the body that strengthens the immune system.
contains alkaloids, amino acids, antimicrobial.
consumption is recommended to combat stomach ulcers, chronic gastritis, kidney disease, hemorrhoids. It also prevents osteoporosis and relieves upper respiratory conditions such as asthma.
The Incas believed that this food was a gift from his Apus (gods) and like any gift, it should be served as a sign of affection.

The Pope was considered one of the greatest displays of affection and its processes for consumption, provided no deity intervened.
For tocosh preparation, defined it as the preserver of the body, in preparation intervened the river, Incas dug a pond on the banks of the river, picked potatoes introduced it, the same as they were in a hairnet Ichu (Andean straw) once introduced in the pools, were pressed with many stones and left the water river run between 6 to 12 months, the water running through these wells began to transform the potato, it generated a natural antibiotic that is very effective. Then drew to potatoes (or what was left of them) and intervened in the sun, which dried and prepared it: porridge, soups and some dishes.
In this process the potato gets its power and bactericidal properties adquieredno going along this process are:
•    Probiotics.
•    Increases intestinal flora, helping to improve digestion.
•    Boosts the immune system.
•    It has antibacterial properties and a high content of penicillin.
•    Combat bronchial and kidney problems.
•    Combat gastritis and ulcers.
•    Consuming hot water increases body heat.
From the point of view bromatol?gico and nutritional concentrates high in carbohydrates (80.01g%), protein (3.91g%), with high calorific value cal-g 343.4% and low in fat.
STUDY OF THE EFFECT OF POTATO AS tocosh probiotic in the control of body weight
The study “potato tocosh” noted among some quantitative indicators: weight change and body length growth of young rats in the animal facility and laboratories of Microbiology, Pharmacology and Biochemistry at the University San Martin de Porres.
The tocosh is considered a product of bacterial fermentation and putrefaction, according to research conducted in 1988, is a product of yeast fermentation. According to popular custom product used postpartum, colds, pneumonia, wound healing, such as antibacterial, healing of gastric ulcers and hemorrhoids, to prevent gastrointestinal infections and acute mountain sickness or “Soroche”.
The potato tocosh probiotic could be a very effective and low cost by the presence of lactobacilli at the end of the fermentation process of the Pope, much used by the inhabitants of the area of Iata, Huanuco, Peru as an antibiotic and energizing yet is known as a probiotic.
The potato tocosh is a favored food in the area and is prepared in all rural communities in Ancash. After the potato harvest, especially varieties Huayro, Iskupuru and White is the selection of the potato will serve to prepare the tocosh, using the discard (the bitterest) near the ditch is dug a pit about 60 cm deep, or you can use the same channel that fits with straw called “shicshi” brought from the heights, the straw should be very thick and lumpy straw is placed between the potato should be very hidden and protected. On this great package put many heavy stones, so that the water running slightly not take tubers. It is left there for six weeks. After this time the well is removed and placed in a shady site whole package straw and potatoes to drain the water stays there for three days.When dry rotten potatoes are removed (tocosh) and placed in a new package to save shicshi either for sale or consumption, do not save much time.
Tocosh capsules: Take 1 to 2 capsules after each meal.
Precautions: Do not exceed 6 capsules a day.


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