Black Maca Helps Fight Against Infertility and Stress

Maca has known effects to improve male and female fertility , but recent studies show that the variety of Black Maca has specific effects more marked on female and male fertility and improves learning, memory, stress and be an effective solution increasing the fatigue endurance.
Black Maca Maca unlike Red is more effective for prostate problems, osteoporosis as well as having higher antioxidant activity

Black MacaBlack Maca helps improve female fertility

One study showed that Black Maca helps boost the endometrium avoiding embryonic loss, improves ovarian health ensuring embryo quality, even if the mother is subjected to adverse situations such as poor nutrition.

The restriction in food intake (malnutrition during pregnancy) has a negative impact on reproduction and embryonic losses increasing generating the birth of fewer offspring, low birth weight and delayed sexual maturity in many cases reaching influence reproductive success. These researchers have shown that daily administration of Maca Black on pregnant mice with restricted diet (malnourished) prevents embryonic loss with the result of increased by 4 times the number of offspring, and optimizing their birth weight and normalizes sexual maturity. This is one of the herbs that are found in many female fertility product like this one.

A study shows the effectiveness of Black Maca on fertility, that it can drastically increase the number of offspring of female mice despite being subjected to dietary restriction, obtaining a percentage very similar to the group that was not subjected to a restricted diet. SR + VH: control animals without dietary restriction. SR + MN: control animals receiving no dietary restriction black maca. CR + V: dietary restricted animals. CR + MN: animals receiving dietary restriction Black Maca.

Also good for male fertility

It has been shown to increase in epididymal sperm count and sperm motility, such research demonstrating its effect on spermatogenesis. From the seventeenth century is known by the chroniclers of the conquest of Peru property of maca to increase fertility.

It increases memory, improves learning, increases alertness and concentration, c ombate fatigue, increasing endurance.
The unique composition of Black Maca promotes improved learning and memory in a natural way, this has been proven in scientific studies demonstrating its safe use.

There have been studies in rats and mice using four models of memory corruption. Black Maca has better beneficial effects on memory and learning than other varieties of maca and control, the results indicate that Black Maca improves memory impairment induced escopolaminas.
In the study showed that Black Maca had a marked effect on fatigue by allowing physical strength have 3 to 4 times higher than other varieties of maca, allowing to reach fatigue state much longer than the other ecotypes. For this study, mice were introduced into a pool and monitored the time comes to fatigue and sinks, the animal being immediately removed from the pool.

Solution to stress, improves mood

Black Maca consumption, is an effective alternative against stress, to decrease naturally. In men, stress was assessed using psychometric tests before and after treatment with placebo or maca. Maca stress scores decreased markedly.


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